LEJoG Kit List

A living page as my kit list evolves... I'm weighing everything regardless of what the publicity info says for any given product, so I have an idea of what I'm starting with and need to work up to running with.


  • Merino shorts - Icebreaker

    • Merino 3/4 tights - Icebreaker
    • Merino bra - Icebreaker x2
    • Merino socks - SmartWool PhD Run Light Elite x2
    • Merino knickers - Icebreaker
    • Waterproof jacket (Montane)
    • Waterproof trousers (?)
    • Merino "buff" - Icebreaker
    • Merino long-sleeved layer - Icebreaker
    • Body warmer/warm jacket (?)
    • Arm sleeves (?)

    Camping gear:


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