Sunday 21 September 2014

Heeeere comes Ripon!

What a weekend this one has been!  I think there must have been some kind of breakthrough in my running in the last 7-10 days as my 20 mile run on Saturday this weekend, I averaged 10:26/mile!

Compared with just under 12:00/mile last weekend.  With ease.  And I felt fine.  And I went out and ran another 12 miles today with MrTOTKat.


So, I've been training on the flat, specifically for Thames Path, but Round Ripon is in two weeks time and... well... lookee here at the profile:-

Saturday 20 September 2014

Thames Path 184 Solo - Packing List

26 days to go.  The list is evolving...

Now that I am confirmed in doing this unsupported, I have a couple of tweaks to make to the packing list as I need to carry *everything* I'll need except for bed, breakfast and dinner.  I've weighed the pack without water and it's a smidge over 2kg, around 3.5kg with water.  Which is pretty blimmin' awesome!