* North Downs Way 2016 *

Having run a couple of bits of the North Downs Way and seen me really enjoying doing the 50 mile Centurion race on it, MrTOTKat expressed a desire to run the whole thing.  So, here we are; running the North Downs Way over 6 days in July 2016.

Having run the Thames Path in 2014 (184 miles over 6 days, but it's flat apart from one hill around Streatley), 153 miles over 6 days seemed a lot easier despite the elevation profile this time.  Planning was super easy as I'd done it before and knew what kind of things work in terms of day length and overnighting.  I was slightly disappointed in how easy and quick it was as that was part of the fun last time, but the trail itself lends to very restricted planning due to the remoteness of a lot of it in terms of hotels/B&Bs/pubs etc.

Self-supported was the plan; carry our clothes & care, fill up on water in the mornings and at pubs/cafes/youth hostels etc. when needed in the day, take it super easy (MrTOTKat having run the Chiltern Challenge a week before and me doing the North Downs Way 100 the week after), take a nice leisurely lunch stop, sleep in pubs & B&Bs and eat proper meals in the evening.
  • Packing list (lots less this time due to sharing out shared items and it being July rather than October)
  • Day One - Farnham to Dorking - 25 miles
  • Day Two - Dorking to Dunton Green - 29 miles
  • Day Three - Dunton Green to Rochester - 19 miles
  • Day Four - Rochester to Boughton Lees - 28.5 miles
  • Day Five - Boughton Lees to Dover - 33 miles
  • Day Six - Dover to Boughton Lees - 27 miles
I've not gotten around to writing one, due to mad busy work, so here's Mr TOTKat's review.  Much of the planned lunch-stoppage didn't happen, nor stopping in many places to pick up water etc.

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