Sunday 14 April 2013

I've been *busy*

I got a new job.

I have a theory that there is a finite amount of "eff"; as-in a unit of mental capacity to cope with the various aspects of life.  And when one (or more) aspect gets a bit more attention-seeky, the others get a bit less.

With newjob taking up quite a bit of eff, there's a lot less left for looking after myself as well as I have done in the past.  So, I've been making poor nutrition choices, having difficulty with being away from home a minimum of two nights a week, and training is more difficult than usual due to travel and lack of eff left to plan around it.

So, 4kg heavier than I was 4 weeks ago, and a bit ill (sneezy sneezy sneezy), I've not been keeping up with training as much as I'd like either.  But I have been doing -some-; like getting out up onto the common after the overnight rain...

Pretty unavoidable mud
Camber precludes running on the more solid-looking bit

Running along the flowing water is the best idea - less muddy, better grip on the clean gravel
Trainers in the washing machine, socks in the bin (they were white...)

 I really enjoy running up on the common when it's like this :o)  My socks are ruined though.  Again.

Three days of getting a grip on nutrition, two on training.  It's going a bit better so far, but we'll see what a trip to the US next week brings.  Planning and preparation suggests it could work OK.