Friday 14 March 2014

I didn't die

It was a hard, non-stop week.  But I didn't die.  We got a lot in, a lot of confidence raised, and a lot of sleep.

The red session is a brick run off a bike ride where I realised I had utterly the wrong bra on and running really was not an option, so I stopped after about 90 seconds.  Otherwise, a clean, green week with 50 mince pies earned on the @vulpinecc effort scale.

And a lot of fitness gained (solid blue line; dotted is projected from now if I do nothing) - OK, so this week has 3 rest days in it, but that's life sometimes and recovery is needed to absorb the training load and not end up in a mess.

Pretty happy with that and it's a good start to a solid training block into Mallorca.