Saturday 14 March 2015

A little behind schedule

But still positive.

This is 14 weeks on from surgery and I'm not running yet.  I can't even run a step; it's almost funny when I try.  My brain says yes and when I go to do it, it doesn't work.  It's hard to explain really, but quite simply nothing happens.

However, I have been doing some exercise.  I started sitting on the bike on the turbo 6 weeks ago, with 4 weeks of 3 spins a week and two of just one in the last two weeks.  And today I actually felt confident enough to go out for a ride on the roads.  50 minutes of glorious, confident, self-powered freedom.  It was fabulous.  Despite being over-optimistic about the temperature and thus under-dressed, I enjoyed the heck out of that little ride.  Despite taking quite a gentle hill and feeling like it was really bloody hard, I really enjoyed it.

The confidence came from hugely improved stability and balance on my left leg.  My physio work has been focussing really well on getting me improved from the quite appalling state of balance I had after the boot came off.   I was unable to stand on that foot at all.  Couldn't get dressed standing up, couldn't do anything on one leg and now I can stand on one foot and bend my knee and touch my toes with the opposite hand.  I can step up on that foot and raise the opposite knee and hold it.  This is *huge* progress.

I'm hopeful now of possibly being able to try jogging in a couple more weeks.  That'll be 4 months after surgery, rather than the predicted 3.  A bit disappointing, but shit happens sometimes.

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