Tuesday 15 November 2011

Back to it

What's the best thing to do after 14 days doing very little exercise (OK, 1 5km run and 3 trips to the gym)?  I know!  Let's go gung ho back into things and lack any sensibility!

Since we got back on Thursday night last week:-

Friday - rest
Saturday - 10km run, 4.5 hours hard gardening
Sunday - 2 hour bike ride, 4 hours hard gardening
Monday - swim session

and then

Tuesday - gym session
Wednesday - swim lesson/training session
Thursday - tri training session
Friday - depends what we did on Thursday (so, choice of gym or spin bike)
Saturday - Parkrun
Sunday - long slow run

Hmm... not -exactly- easing back into things when I never did have a particularly high training load anyway.  Time to start gently laying out a rough idea of a training plan.  Not specific sessions just yet, but an idea of how much I'll be doing, what intensities and durations and when I'll start the actual Ironman trainnig schedule itself.

There are a few events in next year's calendar already, starting with the shorter Hell of the Ashdown bike ride in February (it's a tiny bit hilly), which doesn't give me long to get my cycling legs up to spec.  I've not really even done hills as such (London to Brighton a couple of times doesn't count) and my cycling endurance is through the floor, having done bugger all cycling the last 4 months or so.  And I'm not feeling the cycling commute love still (mostly around not wanting to play with cars so much), so we'll see how long that lasts before I either feel like doing it again or end up having to force myself.

Swim session with Jez tomorrow and a tri session on Thursday... and hopefully a bit of a read and a play with training plans over the next few days.


  1. Excellent, you're doing parkrun! Which one? I've found it's an excellent way to measure my improvement week on week since I stopped taking any kind of timing instrument with me on weekday runs. Also, usually I run alone so having some competition is brilliant. You might have seen some of my mumblings about how it's going.

    As for competitions, I'm doing the Wadenhoe Quadmire Challenge Series at the moment. Lots of enjoyment there! Good luck getting back into training again!

  2. I don't blame you not wanting to play in the traffic these days, all in the news about that poor guy who died whilst cycling on one of the official blue cycling routes - not nice stuff.
    and uuummm yeah you really know how to ease back into it don;t you ;-)

  3. Ben: usually Wimbledo Common, but we've been doing some Parkrun tourism recently, Hull, Pontefract, Cheam, Richmond... I've finally run more times than volunteered now ;o)