Thursday 12 April 2012

27km down, 845.5km to go

Yes.  That's the distance I'll be covering in triathlon races this year - 872.354km.  Give or take a few metres for errors.

Eight hundred and seventy two and a third kilometres.

That's quite a long way.

And that's just the races.  I have no idea how far I'll have covered in training by the day of the final race of the year.  An order of magnitude higher no doubt if I'm averaging 150km or equivalent on the bike and turbo trainer during the weeks, peaking maybe at 180-200km at some point.  Much less running, maybe an average of 35km a week, peaking around 50km.  Swimming even less (obviously), averaging 3-4km a week, peaking at 5 perhaps.  If I use the averages over the weeks from mid-December to mid-September, that's another 5,800km of cycling, 1,350km running and 135km swimming.  That's going to total somewhere between 8,000km and 8,500km under my own steam over 9 months of training and racing.



  1. That sounds like an awesome way to rack up the distances. I'm very impressed! Here's hoping for an injury-free year for you!

    If I complete all of my running challenges, by the last day of September I'll have run 2,250km+ over 100 days on the Path (not including "keep-fresh" 6km low-tempo runs three times a week between each challenge).

    I, too, am hoping for an injury-free year!

    Let us know how you get on.

  2. Wow. Those are some seriously impressive numbers. I am in awe!