Sunday 29 April 2012

Rain rain RAIN rain rain RAIN drizzle RAIN...

Still managed a furthest run yesterday though.  28km - 11.5km up to Lloyd Park for parkrun, 5km round the park and then 11.5km home.  The Lloyd Park parkrun has a bit of a hill in it and I blew up up it on the first lap, ended up way outside zone 1 and got into a crappy mental state thereafter.  On the second lap, I half-heartedly tried to keep my heart rate down up the hill, walked some of it and then played about with the descent, trying that thing where you let your arms flail about rather than pump backwards and forwards.  Well, that works pretty well so it turned out.  It's far easier to keep your pace up downhill if you do that rather than try to force your arms to be all disciplined.  Anyway, I did the course in 29 minutes - a horrific parkrun time for me especially given the average heart rate and the peaks that happened.  It meant that I was monumentally cross by the end of it and pretty worried about running home again afterwards.

Turned out I needn't have worried.  Apart from aching quads and a slight niggle in my right knee, getting home took just under a minute longer than getting there.  28km in just under 3 hours, up from a longest run 2 weekends ago of 22.5km is a slightly non-sensible increase in distance.  Which means I've had to pay for it today by working on some trigger point release and total rest.  I'm not begrudging the 10 hours sleep I got last night, waking only to hear rain still falling since Friday night.  And I'm not begrudging not going out for a bike ride today.  Partly because of the Rain rain RAIN rain rain (etc.) that has been going on for well over 48 hours.  Partly because I couldn't work out whether I needed to do a long ride or a hilly ride or what the heck.  I'm not begrudging any of it because I need to keep my brain happy and not stressing over training.

4 weeks now of no training plan from coachJez and I'm now talking to someone else about coaching.  I can't afford to have no properly structured plan and no decent support.  I've got too much I want to accomplish over the next 5 months.  It's 7 weeks to UK 70.3, 12 weeks to UK IM... there's no time left to lose now.  I've got a good base fitness to build on, now I really do have to build on it.

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