Sunday 26 May 2013

Turned a corner

Taking one day at a time is proving to be very successful.  I'd been getting really wound up looking at things even on a weekly level, never mind monthly or zooming right out to seasonal level.  Stress levels rising, happiness levels plummeting, generally an unpleasant state to be in.

Breaking things up into manageable chunks works.  I looked at my week and moved training sessions about to fit with my work travels in a sensible way and then just focussed on each day as they came.  On a Tuesday, if I was in Bury Saint Edmunds, I'd get a run session in in the morning before work.  On a Thursday, if I was tired from the day before and needed to get in to work for an 8am start, I'd just do that and if I ended up in the office for almost 12 hours, then that's what happened and that was enough stress on my body for the day without trying to wedge in a sports training session or getting wound up about not having trained.  Move on.  Live with it.  Tomorrow is another day.

And I've got out on my bike and started to feel the movement and synergy with it more.  Been cornering and handling better, sitting on the brakes downhill less, getting down on the drops (unheard of), taking a drink while pedalling (also unheard of) and today I went for a speculative spin on my TT bike and it was OK.  I was able to get down on the bars right out of the traps.  And this was right after a good swim session where I got through the whole session without wussing out and missing part of the main set, and did it in less time than coach estimated for the session.

5x100s x 3 - endurance session

Things are looking up.

I'm going to race on the TT bike tomorrow.

I'm also going to mash the run like I did at the 15km race at Clapham 2 weeks ago.

And if I don't place well in the field, I don't mind all that much.  It's been a tough 9 months since I crashed, lots has happened and that's OK.

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