Tuesday 28 January 2014

5 in 12 months (or, "When did this become normal?")

New job is very busy and taking up a lot of my time; especially with the different working hours than I'm used to.  This place is late start, late finish.  In theory that gives me opportunity to train before work - shorter runs and turbo/technique bike sessions.  In practice, at the moment, it's not working out so well as there's lots of house finishing up tasks to do (unpack things, clean things, fins new homes for things, buy new bits and bobs...) and that results in very late bed times and thus not so early rising times.


I'm (probably) doing another Ultra on Sunday.  Day 2 of the Pilgrim's Challenge.  (Unless nobody drops out after Day 1.)  It's "only" 33 miles.  It's only 4 weeks after Country to Capital.  I only decided to do it a couple of weeks ago (as part of prepping to crew @abradypus at the Thames Path 100 later in the year).

When did this become normal?

Yes, this is my 5th Ultra in 12 month.  And, yes, it is going to mess with my triathlon training, but... it's 11 weeks out from my first triathlon of the season - a sprint - and 14 weeks out from Mallorca 70.3, which is not my A race.  As I see it, this is just a long, gentle run and will form part of base fitness building.  The goal for the day is to feel fresh at the end.

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