Friday 11 April 2014

Rotterdam Marathon - this feels odd

This really does feel odd.  I'm running a marathon on Sunday; my first marathon.  Despite the fact I've run the distance 6 times already; 1x Ironman & 5x Ultra Marathons.

I'm told this isn't unusual for people who have done Ironman triathlons, not to have run a standalone marathon, nor ever to run one.  But it's probably not all that normal for people who have run an Ultra marathon.

26 miles is a weird distance, to me.  Too short to be a nice run.  Too short to be something I can run easy.  Too short to use my usual method of pacing and dealing with the moods and thoughts that I experience when running.  I'll have to run it hard and that's a long time to run hard for.

Let's see what happens.