Monday 4 August 2014

Cancelling my last triathlon

I'm sort of happy that we weren't racing the London Triathlon on Sunday.  Yes, we'd get to see lots of friends.  Yes, we'd get to cycle on closed roads around some of the loveliest bits of London in the early morning mist.  Yes, we'd feel righteously knackered afterwards.


We'd've spent a chunk of Saturday driving around London.  We'd've spent a longer chunk of Sunday driving around London.  I would have put in an awful swim time and an awful bike time and probably been scared witless going through the Limehouse tunnel on a TT bike I've never ridden before (and not ridden a TT bike since September).  Life just really got in the way of this one working and I'm glad I didn't drag myself around a course only to beat myself up about a crap time which I would have roundly deserved for lack of training.  This is why I stopped "doing triathlon" for now.

I feel a little sad that it was the last triathlon I'd entered.  I'm not a runner.  I'm simply rubbish at that, but it's what I have now and I do enjoy it.  But I'm not a runner.

I do want to run though.  I feel like a dog hauling at its lead sometimes... let me off it, I wanna run!

(This is not my last triathlon... there will be others.  Just not right now.)

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  1. I looked out for you, but I think you made a good choice :-) I'm sure there will be plenty more triathlons to come.