Monday 12 January 2015


I got the plaster cast removed on Friday and my air boot fitted.  I need to wear the boot to walk, but it doesn't need to be on apart from that.  I have exercises for my ankle, to be done hourly, to get mobility back on track and I am to massage the ankle and the scar (at least) once a day.

The scar looks like an upside down cartoon smiley and my ankle and foot are still quite puffy - there's no definition around bones and tendons.  This is normal and will take a few months to get back to how it should be.

My calf muscle is impressively atrophied, but thanks to Ben at Athletic Edge I now have a Neuro-Muscular stimulation machine and some programs to run through it to get that muscle working again.  Next weekend, I get a supervised physio session to start rehabilitating the muscle with calf raises etc. so that will be the real start of proper rehabilitation of those muscles.

The best bit right now, though, is this boot...

In the evening on Friday, we went for a walk to the local bistro for dinner - half a mile there and half a mile back and I walked it (with crutch assistance for balance etc.); no hopping.  On Saturday afternoon, we went for a 2.5 mile walk (and we took turns carrying my crutches).  Afterwards I felt great.  The sub-conscious boost was huge!  I can get around, independently and without a huge amount of physical effort.  In the evening, even after having done my tax return (for once I owe money rather than the other way around), I felt mentally great.

Yes, it takes a couple of minutes to get the boot on and done up, but it is my freedom.  I am no longer pretty much trapped in the house.  I don't care that the weather is terrible, I'm going out!

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  1. In my head I heard you screaming 'freedom' a bit like Mel Gibson in Braveheary