Saturday 31 January 2015

Freedom! (part II)

I'm out of the boot. (mostly)

The consultant checked for pain - none; push force against her hand - stronger than most healthy ankles.  Yay!

I need to walk without the boot until I'm walking normally again and then I can return to normal activity.  But wear it while going to & from work just to keep it protected.

Cycling (static bike/turbo) and swimming are positively encouraged.  Cycling for 20 mins a day every other day at first to get back into it gently and keep an eye on how it does.

Left leg, meet Lycra.  You remember each other?

On track to start running again at the 12 weeks mark; 4 weeks from now.  But if I'm walking normally before then, then I can do that gently.  Though I am to wear a support for the first few months of running too.

In short, I'm happy.  Despite the set-back of delayed appointments, I'm still on track in the overall timescale expectation set up front.

Look! I'm onna turbo!


  1. I remain deeply impressed with how you're dealing with this. I don't know how I'd cope if I had a proper injury/issue like you've had. Hell, I'm feeling frustrated because I can't do my long run today due to a soft-tissue issue (extreme chafing). It's the first time I've ramped up my running and not given myself a joint or muscle/tendon problem, so I'm pleased in one respect, and deeply disappointed that my body's let me down otherwise. I even resorted to buying some chamois cream online last night. Anyway, my hat's off to you for Dealing With It and not going bonkers... At least not on your blog at any rate (-:

    I hope everything remains on track or better for your return to full training.