Friday 17 July 2015

It can be done

2 weeks away from home, for work, and sticking to a slightly stretching run schedule can be done.  Even in stupid heat and humidity.  I'm really pleased with myself.

Friday 3rd July to Friday 17th July; the first week in San Fransisco where it was appreciably warm and I had a week of intense work during the weekdays, getting up at 05:30 to catch a lift to work at 06:00 and run there before a shower and a delicious breakfast in the work cafes, and the second week in New York in *hilarious* heat & humidity (yeah, Wednesday 15th I ran at 7am in 26C and 90% humidity for 5.5 miles - ha ha ha!).  And I hit every single session and got loads done at work too.  And lots of walking up and down between 9th, 11th and 15th floors in the office too.



Happy with that indeed.

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