Saturday 2 September 2017

LEJoG 2017: What's next?


While I'm still decompressing from LEJoG, I'm starting to think about what's next. I still need to write up the run but that's going to take time.

In the mean time... I've got a trail marathon coming up and I've entered the Rome marathon in April next year with the target of getting a "good for age" qualifying time for London (though I don't intend to use it). There's a plan forming for what comes after. Currently I want to build up to The Spine race. And I wanted to do Ring o' Fire then Cape Wrath as preparation, and that works for Ring o' Fire but 2018 is a Dragon's Back year not a Cape Wrath year. And I'm pretty sure that I'd be fine for Cape Wrath but Dragon's Back would be too much of a leap by then.

It seems like there's more thought needs to go into this to really figure it out. 

Plus it doesn't have to be races. LEJoG, Thames Path and North Downs Way taught me that. But if not a race, there's even more choice! I'm a starving person faced with an almost infinite menu!

What do you think?

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