Sunday 5 December 2010


Some of the foods we've been munching through this last 3 weeks...

Lamb neck fillets with apricots and apple, on a bed of couscous, peas and sweetcorn:

Roasted pheasant with roasted sweet potato, potato, red onions and parsnips:

Cavolo Nero and Bath cheese with wholemeal fusilli, tossed in olive oil:


  1. Hey, I got my package thank you!!!!!!!!! x x x

  2. Hey Tam :o) Glad to hear it arrived safely!

    Wilt... I'll tell you what, it might look good, but that Cavolo Nero did something awful to my guts. Maybe I didn't wash it well enough, but ohdeargod! Oddly, Mr TOTKat was completely fine. Hm.