Monday 27 December 2010


I've been... Busy.

Lots of stuff happened related to being at work lots of hours a day for several weeks and some stuff I might talk long after it loses the power to make things interesting.  I managed to fit in a couple or three gyms in per week, but dropped off the cycling.  I've eaten for England, but not got heavier so I'm just waiting for it to hit me.  I've totally failed to see my trainer at all so have been evolving and mixing and matching new stuff into my gym routine to stop it stagnating toooo much.

Christmas has been pretty good.  Just the two of us.  My first ever Christmas meal I've cooked at home for us and the turkey just keeps giving.  My main present was a pair of stunning Global knives, a sharpening tool and a magnetic knife holder.  And this evening I christened the knives making turkey curry, chopping and slicing garlic, onions, carrots, peppers, chillies, roast turkey...  Literally christened one of the knives whilst chopping the chilli peppers and sliced through my thumb nail nearish the top, into the top of my thumb at an angle and embedded a chilli seed into the cut before I'd even noticed the knife had cut.  Those knives are -sharp- and incredible.  And chilli seeds in cuts really rather smart, I can tell you.  And the very best thing you can do with a cut like that is press on it really hard until the bleeding stops, rather than picking about in the slice with a sterilised needle to get a chilli seed out.

We went to the gym earlier and I hauled out an old routine as my latest one is well over 2 months old and really too stale to be any good now.  So I looked back to a routine several iterations back and cranked up the weights somewhat:-

  • Squat and swing with 24kg (like a kettlebell swing) - 3x10
  • core pendulum swings (lying on the floor, legs up, swing legs/rotate hips) - 3x10 each side SUPERSET A
  • Lunge with single arm swing opposite arm to knee (same side arm and leg working) 8kg dumbbell - 3x10 each side SUPERSET A
  • clean and press 30kg barbell- 3x10
  • reverse lunge with row (cable machine) 15kg - 3x10 SUPERSET B
  • side plank with row (8kg) hold plank throughout - 3x10 SUPERSET B
  • leg raise with press - 20kg ViPR - 3x15 SUPERSET C
  • Pressups on ViPR - 3x5 SUPERSET C
But.  I really need a new routine.  Hopefully I'll be able to get the trainer at the local gym that I'd prefer.  Committing to a set time during the week just doesn't work for me any more.  So training sessions really need to be at the weekend and that means going to the gym near home.  Which, thankfully, is cheaper too.


  1. Ooooh, OUCHIES, hope it stopped hurting.
    Sounds like a great workout, I had to look up side-plank-dumbell row though - tough one by the looks of it.

  2. Ouch.

    A good set of knives is a great thing to have though.

  3. Ow ow ow! Agree with Rob though, anyone who likes to cook (meat) definitely needs a good set of knives. A good Christmas haul :-)

    Hope things settle down for you, and that you figure something out with the trainer..

  4. ps -- I changed the blog name. Duzus a favour and change your blogroll when you get a second :-) xx

  5. Tam: thanks :o) I managed to forget the split squats that were supposed to be in there too!

    Wilt: ooh, did you find a video of the side plank with row? I can't seem to find the right thing.

    Rob: mm, these are the most amazing knives I've ever handled and all I did was make the mistake I sometimes make which usually results in just a nicked nail...

    Alison: blogroll refreshed :o) As for the knives, it's the veg they're mostly for. Hard root veg and slightly old onions are the bane of the not so good knife IME. I was stunned at how the cook's knife just slid through the red peppers for last night's curry.