Tuesday 16 August 2011


I ran out of routine again so had to cobble something together.  I can't really afford to have two trainers at the moment and while I'm trying out a swimming coach I can't therefore have a gym trainer too.
  • warm up on the cross-trainer
  • weighted Bulgarian split squats
  • kettlebell swings - superset A
  • pressups - superset A
  • jerks - superset B
  • leg raises and lowers - superset B
  • assisted pull-ups - 3 grips; wide over, narrow under, ring
  • squats
My arms and shoulders are pretty knackered, so I'm expecting some  good ol' DOMS tomorrow.

I really wanted to do one of those Bodyrock.tv routines, but they look rather like I would want to try them somewhere private once or twice before prancing about in public...


  1. Hope you have good DOMS :)

    I definitely recommend trying out the Bodyrock routines in private, otherwise you do run the risk of making a twit out of yourself.

    Some are less, eh, crazy than others though. I think this is quite a good one to start with: http://www.bodyrock.tv/2011/02/02/marine-corps-workout/ in that none of the moves are *too* crazy (I adapt the middle sequence a bit as per this blog post http://wonkymonkeymusings.blogspot.com/2011/05/two-workouts.html when in public to avoid kicking people).

  2. Thanks :o) The DOMS kicked in nicely this morning, surprisingly mostly in the glutes.

    I so need to de-clutter the spare bedroom so I can do any stuff at home (*coughsomewheretouseaturbotrainercough*). There's just no space anywhere in the house to fling one's body about without fear of smacking extremities on a wall, door or furniture. Good to get confirmation that practice is definitely required before going public with any of those bodyrock routines/moves. I won't be tempted to just say sodit and have a go in a mad and ill-advised way :o)

  3. But you should, it would probably be amusing and then you could blog about it and make me laugh *selfless*.

    The Marine Corp one is probably OK to try in public straight off, I think, although you might want to make sure you can comfortably nail the supergirl pushups first (because of the high risk of overbalancing and collapsing sideways in a particularly dignified manner....)

    Odd how DOMS can be so unpredictable, and doesn't always appear where you think it will.