Tuesday 23 August 2011

Why is it only Tuesday?

I'm impatient for my finger to get healing.  Now I have dressings that don't stick to the end and tear it off whenever they get changed, the pain is reduced and the healing has actually started.  I -need- it to have closed up properly before Monday.  Monday is the last sprint triathlon in the Thames Turbo race series and I need to get to the start line, never mind actually finish.  What with an open wound on one finger, one knee that works if I tape it up, the other being more than slightly unreliable regardless of what I do to it, it's going to be a tall order to finish a sprint triathlon.

It makes me sad to think I've come a long way with this new sport in a reasonably short period of time and I may end the season this year as it began, with a DNF and disappointment.  I've taken 15 minutes (which also happens to be 15%) off my race time over 4 races so far and am confident I could get another minute or two off that time still, to get under 01:20:00 which would put me just about in the top 20% for my age category.  I so want that this year, to end the season.  And if I'm stopped from even starting the race because I have an open wound still...

Thursday this week I have a session with my tri trainer and he's going to do fitness assessments and general base-lining and I'm going to have to tell him I've done nothing of the plan he left me two weeks ago, because my knee hasn't been up to it.  And that I can't swim at the moment either.  It's just a catalogue of mishaps and makes me feel like a disaster area of self-inflicted (in one way or another) physical damage.

I can't work out how/where to get into Pose running.  The support in the UK is quite limited and the web site is awful.  I just want to find someone who can assess whether it might help/it's suitable for me.  Every lead on making running less stressful and worrying for the longer distances next year has to be followed up.

I can't give up on long course.

I won't.


  1. Hope it goes okay with your tri trainer. Even if you don't get in the top 20% think how far you have come, entering triatheltes is a big achievement. try and not be so hard on yourself

  2. Aw, hugs lovely.

    You have done amazingly well in a short space of time; even if this season doesn't end in the way you want it to, there's next year's season, and you have time between now and then to figure out how to make things work better with your knees.

    Hope your trainer session goes well on Thursday and that he can help you feel a bit more positive.

    I don't know enough about POSE to help much, but I rather suspect that it's going to be a case of "suck it and see"; I'm not sure that anyone will be able to necessarily tell you if it'll work for you.

    I do know that my Pilates teacher has worked with runners before and has helped them a lot - don't know if it's worth looking down that avenue at all...

  3. BLAGH, not sure what happened to my post! but I found this link which I though might be helpful
    Good luck with it all.