Sunday 13 May 2012

That might have been quite good

Stowe Olympic Triathlon.  Long story short:-
  • Swim felt good (could have given it a lot more)
  • I got confused when I was overtaken near the end of bike by the woman I saw at the start who looked -fast-
  • Bike course was tough and windy, but not -really- tough (could probably have given that a little bit more)
  • I overtook a couple of guys on the bike
  • I got more confused at the end of the bike when I heard over the PA "We'll see the first Olympic distance athletes in about 10 minutes" - I thought I'd screwed up the bike route, went to find marshals, chatted for 2-3 minutes and then decided to go and run anyway even though I'd probably be DQd
  • I couldn't find my place in transition because A. someone had racked over my stuff and B. my running shoes were so soaked (from the 800m run up from the swim end to transition and the fact that some bastard had dumped his soaking wetsuit on top of them) I didn't recognise them
  • I realised on the run that the guy on the PA had meant the first -runners- would be -finishing- in 10 minutes and then kept an eye out for a marshal to say "please don't DQ me, I was confused and I -did- to the bike course right".  Didn't find a marshal until the finish.
  • Run course was tough - mixed terrain, hills and one very steep descent
  • One woman overtook me on the run and I was told "you're third woman" - !!!
  • One more woman overtook me on the run... game over for a podium
  • However - provisionally 1st in my age category and possibly 4th woman overall 
(EDIT:- looks like the results overall actually aren't going to be that good as the ones we have so far  really must only over the wave we were racing in)

T1 = swim, 800m run AND T1
Also... just put in the biggest number of hours sport in a week ever at 13 hours and 50 minutes:-

Ignore the distances as they don't include the races

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