Saturday 16 March 2013

A tale of two swims...

Same session both times:-

  • 200m swim warm-up, 60s rest
  • 4x [200m swim + 30s rest, 3x 100m with fins + 30s rest, 4x 50m pull + 20s rest, 60s rest]
  • 50m swim down

Monday on camp:-

...where I did an accidental extra 100m with fins in the 3rd repeat of the main set.  And I don't know what the last couple of minutes in the trace was, but if you cut it out from the total time for the session is 01:09:10. (total distance 3.1km)

Today, by myself, with no-one watching and no-one with whom to sort-of compete a bit:-

Where I missed a 50m pull in the 1st repeat of the main set, but added it in to the 4th repeat to make it up and then did a couple of 50m swim downs. Total time for the session, 01:09:22 (total distance 3.1km)

Much higher effort today, same distance overall and 12s slower.  That, to me, says my technique was right off today :o/  I dunno.  Maybe the rest intervals were different and I rested more today.  Hard to tell from the trace.

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