Tuesday 8 October 2013

11 more nights and 8 more training sessions

There are 11 more nights and 8 more training sessions to go, 5 of which are runs of varying length and intensity (including my 49th parkrun!), before my first 80km Ultra marathon.

My confidence and emotions are beginning the roller-coaster into the unknown territory of a new event/race.  This always happens on the way into something I've not done before, more so when it's a rather challenging event like this one.  And this one isn't going to be the longest event I've done, time-wise, unless the wheels really fall off (14:51:58 at IM UK in 2012 and I'm hoping for 10-12 hours at this one).  Like I said before, I just have to not freak out.  And make sure I know how to navigate.  And have a bit of a strategy.  And some tactics for the "what if...?" situations.

None of that is hard really and some of it is already done!