Tuesday 26 November 2013

Do I ever Learn?

11 days out from Ultra number 3 this year.

February feels like a million years ago right now.  It seems almost impossible that I ran the London Ultra (50km on road) this year. But I did.  Not only that, but Rowbotham's Round Rotherham (50 miles on trail) too.  And that was only last month!

And here I am again, a few days out from a serious undertaking and for reasons of Real Life, I'm not as prepared as I'd like.  The thing is, it probably doesn't matter that much.  As long as I finish inside the cut-offs I should be fine as all I need out of this race is a completion and to enjoy the scenery.  In theory I should be able to walk and still finish inside the cut-offs.  There's 1.8km of height gain in 33.4 miles, which could make things a bit tricky...

But a finish is all I need.

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  1. If you want to do this as a pair next year (any of the CTS events), let me know.