Sunday 16 February 2014

Slowly slowly...

I've done a whole 3 training sessions this week; a cadence bike session, a short tempo run and a longer, harder turbo session (plus a 3 hour running technique workshop, but there wasn't a lot of running in total in that, lots of theory and drills but not a lot of actual running).  This is part of getting myself slowly back to fixed body and gently ramping up the intensity again.  The endurance hasn't really dropped off, but it's the strength, particularly on the bike, that I can't rush at the moment.

There's 2 weeks to Spring Camp and that's going to be quite tough this time; remembering back to last year there's a lot of cycling and there are Hills.  It's going to have to be gentler than last time, though I'm  quite looking forward to the discipline of swimming every morning before breakfast before heading out for a ride.  And now I understand more about fuelling for heavy exercise every day on a LCHF diet so the last few days should be a bit more productive than last year.

After today's 90 minute sit-down on the turbo, I'm feeling like it's not a total loss for this year and maybe I might actually be in with a chance of being in a good place come 70.3 Mallorca as a kick-off race and then UK 70.3 won't be the horrific, miserable mess it was last year.  Hoorah for endorphins!

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