Saturday 13 June 2015

Patience... *yawn*

Patience is not my top skill, but I'm getting to exercise it now I'm back under Centurion James' coaching.  We're Being Careful not to break my recently repaired ankle by taking things too hard too soon.  Which means really low mileage and really easy runs.

So, I started back with James on 1st June (after a week's very indulgent holiday which had a little running in it, but not much.).  And it's meant I'm doing *less* than I had been by myself, which I know is right, but when I see the Training Peaks progress graphs I get a bit sad as the fitness line (blue line below) has stopped going up now.

Still. I'm back doing strength and conditioning with at least some regularity (work travel volume is making it tricky to keep a twice a week rhythm at The Athletic Edge).  And I'm back being coached by someone who knows what they're doing.  And I'm getting parkruns in enough that I should hit my 100th parkrun before the end of this year.  So overall, things are looking good!  But I have to be patient.