Tuesday 10 July 2012

Crunchy Spelt Bran Flakes

Sharpham Park are continuing in their crusade to bring Spelt to the masses in an accessible and tasty way.  This time in the form of a crunchy breakfast cereal:- Crunchy Spelt Bran Flakes (with dates and walnuts).

It's really blimmin' lovely.  Very VERY crunchy.  Firm, nutty bite to the teeth but with disappointingly little fruit and nut in the mix.  The flakes themselves are much thicker than usual cereal flakes and that makes them quite special.  A "proper" portion of 40g is not a disappointing puddle in the bottom of the breakfast bowl, compared with the same weight in muesli and with the thick, highly crunchy flakes this is a great little bowl for breakfast.  The dates, when you find them, are a bit too hard and take some chewing to soften them up.  Walnuts are few and far between too, so you're lucky to get more than one chunk in a bowl.  The taste is what you'd expect from a high percentage spelt product (40% wholegrain spelt and an extra 14% spelt bran) and that means a strong, nutty flavour that shines through any milk you add - whether it's dairy, soy, coconut or something else.  But they still need a bit more fruit and nut than is in the box.

Overall, I really like this cereal.  The texture and taste is a lot better than conventional Bran Flakes and I can add raisins if I want a bit more fruit in there.  Would I buy it if Ocado or Abel & Cole sold it?  Yep.

I found a bit of date!
Sainsburys are selling them though.  So, you can get them directly from Sharpham Park or in Sainsburys.

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