Wednesday 18 July 2012

Final preparation

4 days to go and the taper is in full force.  A short spin on the bike yesterday, a little jog with short sprints/strides today, reasonable swim tomorrow and that's pretty much it apart from turning over my legs for 15 minutes on Saturday morning before breakfast to make sure they still work.

Race preparation is less good.  I've had to make a lot of changes to my bike, having decided to run the TT bike and not use the deep-section wheels with tubular tyres due to the risk of puncture and not being able to deal with that in a race.  This means I've changed wheels, moved the cassette over between the Planet X tubulars and the Mavic clinchers and changed the brake blocks.  All things Ive never done before, so who knows if I've made some stupid mistake there.  It seems fine, but there's no time to really test it.

I've got my check-list of things I need to take/pack and I have my theoretical race nutrition strategy and pacing strategy (for the run quite well defined, less so for swim and bike that'll be more on feel), but there's vanishingly little time to set things out, think the race and weekend through and pack. Work is busy enough that there's no time in a working day to deal with this stuff, so I've managed to get Thursday afternoon off which will help, but still... too much to thnk about and no time to do the thinking.

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  1. Upon reflection, I reckon everyone thinks they don't have enough time to properly prepare - and in fact you (we) are far better prepared than some (most?) - let's facet, it's all we've talked about for months! I'm pretty sure we can handle anything Sunday throws at us. The bike changes sound big, but in levels of risk are actually quite minor. You have a race plan (that immediately promotes you to the top 50% on the preparedness table) and a nutrition plan (that's top 25% now), and you've trained well and are tapering properly (top 10% now). If you were much more prepared you'd probably win :)