Wednesday 15 August 2012

Maintaining between Ironmans

This is the difficult bit between races.  Having completed UK 70.3 and Ironman UK, there's a real mental slump before the next race is due.  The inital challenge of the distance has been met and nobody died.  Nobody fell off or cramped or was sick or too dehydrated or grazed, blistered or bruised.  There is no "let's go faster at the next one" because they're so close together and the risk of not finishing Ironman Wales is too high to lamp it at any point in that race.

It's proving a bit difficult to keep the momentum up in this maintenance period.  There's no real gains to be made during the recovery period after Ironman UK and then it's already time to taper a bit for Ireland 70.3.  So the key at the moment is to keep things ticking over and stop thinking about anything other than a well managed race.

I think I'd be buggered without a coach at this point.  I'd either do almost nothing or far too much/too hard.  This was always going to be the challenge with the Ultimate Ironman Challenge - getting around all four races safely and without making a mess of it and getting injured towards the end.  With Rich coaching me, I'm 100% confident in doing that from a physical readiness point of view.  The only thing I'm really worried about... is something happening in a race that's outside of my control, like someone crashing into me on the bike course and breaking me or my bike.  *fret*

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