Wednesday 22 August 2012

Suprising bargain sportswear

I'd never have had H&M down as somewhere I'd go to get sportswear.  Out shopping for a light, loose top to go over a bikini (for holidays and Hawaii later in the year), I popped in to H&M in Wimbledon to see if they had anything nice.  The shop is awfully laid out with smart mixed with causal mixed with "youth" mixed with maternity and evening and, er, sports?  My eye was caught by a fluoro-orange singlet...

 These pictures do not do justice to the violent orangeness of the colour.  It really is glowing, fluorescent orange.  Think safety vests.  And I'm in the market for some light/reflective singlets to run in to keep the heat off me so I thought I'd see how they fitted and felt.  Well, they fitted nicely in a "s" and felt really soft.  So, at £7.99 a pop I thought I'd give them a go!  I got an orange one and a white one with gold spots on the sides (you can just about see the spots in this photo).

So far, I've done a strength session (split squats, pistol squats, roll outs, pressups, deadlifts, side bends etc. ) and a spin session in the white and gold spots one (which doesn't seem to exist on the H&M web site).  And a 01:00:00 surge intervals run in the orange one.  And so far, they're very comfy.  No rubbing or chafing, no seams sticking in to me, no stupid label irritation.  Nice!  Let's see how they wash and wear.  But so far they seem really rather good.  I'm thinking I'll wear the orange one at Galway 70.3 for the run.

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