Monday 10 September 2012

Just something I threw together (recipe)

I was a bit bored by the thought of salad for lunch today and we had a couple of tins of cherry tomatoes in the house so I decided to make a "rustic" soup.

You will need the following for two generous servings with the stats as above:-
  • 1 tin mixed beans (I used Morrisons mexican bean salad)
  • 1 tin cherry tomatoes in juice
  • 1 largeish courgette
  • 1 medium/large red pepper
  • 10g Coconut oil (or 10ml any plain oil otherwise)
  • 1 good quality vegetable stock cube
  • 120g good chorizo - this will make or break it

De-stalk and remove the seeds from the pepper.  Chop the courgette and pepper into chunks you'd be happy eating in a mouthful of soup.  Drop the chunks into a non-stick soup pan with the coconut oil and fry a little.

Courgette and pepper bathing in warm coconut oil
 While the veggies are frying, remove any skin and chop the chorizo into chunks.

First, you gotta do the truffle shuffle!
Add the chorizo to the veggies and toss until glossy and you can clearly smell the paprika aroma from the sausage.

Add the tomatoes and break them up a bit, top up with a little water if need be and add the stock cube.  Cook for 5-10 minutes to reduce a little.  You want the courgette and pepper to retain their bite, so don't over-cook at this stage.

Shiny, red, globes of juicy, delicious joy.

Add the beans and heat through thoroughly.

Serve and enjoy!

By god, this is delicious!


  1. That looks bloomin' lovely - is there any left for when I get home?

  2. Er, yes? But it's for my lunch tomorrow!