Monday 8 October 2012


Chrissie may not be racing this time, but she's there and so is the race
I've been a good girl and done all my training last week and I've done my rehab exercises and not done any weight bearing or resistance stuff with my left arm.  Can I go to Hawaii now please?

Actually, yes!  I'm off (horribly early) tomorrow morning and thanks to an early birthday present from my parents I don't need to worry quite so much about DVT for the 20+ hours of travelling in each direction.  Thanks to it being silly hot out in Hawaii, I'll get away with hand luggage only - I'm not that big (OK, a bit chubby at the moment), and hot weather clothes are thin and small.  Also, my fins -just- fit diagonally in the little wheelie case I have.  I'd rather not have to check in luggage if I don't need to, so the only restriction now is on toiletries and I can manage for 8 nights with a top limit of 100ml on any particular goop or liquid.

I'm really kinda excited about going to the Ironman World Championships to be there for the event, be involved as a volunteer, and see all of the cool kids of the sport, including the lovely guys of Team Freespeed who I met on a few event days this year.  I've got a few things to do while I'm out there, including watching the shoes and taking photos for the IMTalk Blue Seventy Aquathon, athlete escort on Friday, then finish line medal presentation duty on Saturday.  And a few other bits and bobs, like going for a swim out to the Coffees of Hawaii coffee boat etc.  I'm stocked up on waterproof sun screen, all packed and ready to go!  Wooooooo!

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  1. Have a great time. Chrissie is my total hero - it would be great if you got to meet her...