Monday 28 December 2009

Gym on Boxing Day

I still can't believe I went to the gym on Boxing Day (and I'm still aching in the arms, butt and chest now!) but I'm soooo glad I did. We went to a fabulous hotel for Christmas, which has an amazing spa attached to it with what looks like a very pretty but "form over function" type gym in it. But oh no it wasn't... it was a very very serious gym. No barbells less than 20kg and when I couldn't find anything with which to do assisted pull ups, the gym manager popped out to help (who just happens to be Chris Young - biiig power lifter!) with some resistance bands and some advice. It was great! He was so motivational and helpful I felt absolutely fabulous afterwards and did the biggest weights workout I've ever done - getting my heart rate right up to 98% of max! I even ended up doing double crunches and medicine ball throws on a Swiss Ball alongside one of the Team GB Ladies rowing team doing a long old erg session. Very serious gym!

Of course, I got absolutely trashed at the big dinner in the evening and spent the day after with both a ridiculously bad hangover -and- some pretty bad DOMS.

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