Wednesday 9 December 2009

Pleased for all of 5 minutes

I dragged myself to the gym today, unexpectedly as I hadn't planned on it. Did the nasty current routine that I'm not keen on (but have modified - changed the dumb bell flyes for pec flyes on a machine 'cause my arm doesn't work right/I can't get my form right) and added in some assisted pull-ups 'cause I like those. I started doing assisted pull-ups about 2 months ago, with a couple of weeks break in there somewhere, at an assisst of 45kg. Today I did 3 sets of 8 reps at 30kg assist. :)

Woooo! :D

And then I looked it up in the Internets. Apparently beginners are supposed to start at 50% assist (which would be 33.5kg for me) and work up from there. Meh. I only managed 44.8% assist today. So that's not as cool as I'd thought. Way to bust my bubble.

Still, I did do 3x5 full press ups, upped my lunge dumb bells to 9kg each and managed to burn 465kcals (normally I get 445kcals for this routine), so I must've been working it harder. Small victories.

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