Thursday 24 December 2009

Not ideal, but ready to re-set.

I've over-indulged just a tiny bit (really, not being sacrastic for once!) in the last 2 days. Under maintenace kcals 2 days ago but had lots of wine and then over maintenance yesterday with a potato wedges and pizza dinner. This has resulted in 1.2kg gain in 2 days! I know it's not real weight and my weight on the day before that was unrealistically low (I think, though I was very hydrated, so perhaps it was real). I know with sensible eating choices and keeping hydrated that that 1.2kg will fall away again.


3 days of all-inclusive, gorgeous, gourmet food and wine and champagne starts today. There -is- a gym and I -have- packed gym kit and swimming togs and HRM. I -fully- intend to do weight training once and swimming at least once.

But I feel afraid that I will put back on fat that I keep working very steadily to lose (at a rate of roughly 0.5-1kg per month). 1kg can take me 1-2 months to lose at the moment because training hard makes me hungry so I need to eat 5-7 times a day (not equal meals, but 3 meals and 2-4 snacks of fruit, nuts, carrots, celery, houmous etc.).

I don'd do New Year's resolutions because I feel they're just so false. You can resolve to change something at any time, why pick New Year why not just do something when you've decided you want to do it? This year, however, I feel the need to just relax a bit for a couple of weeks - keep up the exercise of course, but lay off beating myself up about not being at least 250kcals under maintenance every day. Until the New Year.

4th January I start a new plan to fine-tune the strenght and body fat. I'm looking at some of the Rachel Cosgrove stuff and some of the Maxitone stuff and will ponder over the next few days the exact plan. Until then, I'll try very hard not to panic about getting fat from a few days of rich food and drink. Honest. I'll try.

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