Thursday 12 December 2013

Still hurts

5 days on and my legs still hurt.

Post-race, days 1-3, stairs and any downwards slope however slight were "excruciatingly painful to impossible".

Day 2, I had to get myself to work via public transport.  That was "fun".  Sitting at a desk all day meant that my legs stiffened up and when I went to get up, it took a while to loosen up to be able to walk.

Day 3, I had to travel to Suffolk for work, and stay overnight on the first floor in a B&B.  That was also "fun".

Day 4, I could just about clump down stairs one at a time and I had a recovery spin on the gym bike.

Day 5, slightly better clumping down stairs now that I've had a really painful sports massage this morning.

Saturday, 7 days on, I will have a very very gentle jog around parkrun.

There are lessons in this and most of them are pre-race; training, specific skills, specific sessions.  I also need to be lighter.


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