Sunday 28 March 2010

Muscle loss

2 weeks of no weight training; 1 week of no exercise at all and my weight is dropping despite being around maintenance kcals all week.  The worry is I may be losing muscle mass.  So, tomorrow morning I'll be taking a body fat measurement to see if I've lost measurable amounts of fat or that it really is muscle dropping off.

Had a little gymmage today though; 65 minutes - 1km warm up on the rower, 3x10 assisted pull-ups at 32kg assist, 12 minutes on the Wave machine; super-set 3x 60s planks with 3x 10 tricep dips; 3x 15 double reverse crunches and then 20 minutes on the cross-trainer.  612kcals and feeling really quite good apart from a real awareness of my coccyx area (probably from the double reverse crunches as I do lean on my coccyx quite a bit at the bottom of the movement).  Still have to call the physio tomorrow for a consultation though, as I really don't want to cause a long term problem by doing the wrong kind of exercise now.

Time for a nice hot bath and a domestic chore or two before tea and cake!

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