Tuesday 2 March 2010

Wetherspoons food--

 A nice average gym (with added 3x15 reverse crunches, 3x12 tricep dips and 3x12 Kinesis flyes) and a run home, that was the plan.  Except when I got almost all the way to the tube station I get off at to run home from there, I realised my house keys were at work as I'd packed light into my running rucksack and forgotten to transfer them to the rucksack.  Wah!

Actually, not so bad.  I ran to the Wetherspoons near home and set up camp there to wait for Mr TOTKat to get out of his hugely over-running meeting and let me in to the house.  Of course, I got to the pub at about 1/4 past 7, starving.  So I had to eat something.  The thing is, Wetherspoons food is horrible.  I ended up having a jacket potato with chilli con carne.  WLR says it is 775 kcals for a 615g portion.  There is no way on god's earth that the plate that arrived had 651g of food on it.  The potato was -tiny-; perhaps about 250g maximum, the chilli portion was about a heaped tablespoon, no more than 100g.  And, being generous about it, there might have been scraping 100g of salasd with dressing.  Perhaps a total of 450g there.  But without scales, what can you do other than believe the standard portion size?  *sigh*  And it wasn't even nice.  The potato was grainy and dry and the chilli quite bland.

When we finally got home, just before 9pm, I decided I was hungry again and had the chilli I was going to have for dinner anyway, just without any carbs or veg.

Mad amount of protein and no beer :o)  Lots of exercise, but an indeterminate amount of food in the end, so I'm taking worst case scenario...

Exercise - 53 minutes gym, 27 minutes running
Calories (kcal)
[kcals to maintain weight (inc. exercise)
Protein (g) 195.1 (33.3%)
Carbohydrate (g) 226.0 (36.2%)
Fat (g) 78.2 (30.1%)
Fruit & Veg 13.9


  1. awesome job resisting the beer!

    I was going to be soooo good last night but got called into our Climbing Club's AGM so had a cheeky Peroni - naughty!

    Wetherspoon food mings


  2. It was sooo tempting, but I already knew the awful potatochilli thing was going to be pushing me into the realms of nearly at maintenance for the day and I still have 1lb to go to my happy weight again, so... No Beer *rolled up newspaper* goes through my head when that happens ;o) And there's naughty planned for later in the week, so :oD