Monday 22 March 2010

Back from hols

And "only" 800g gain (probably quite a bit of "transit" still going on) despite beer every single night (magic beer with no hangovers at all!) and piles of chips or huge hunks of bread at every other meal.  Wooo!

Oh and I broke my coccyx at the end of the first day's skiing, so that was fun... still, my HRM says 6,774kcals burned not including 4 hours of hill hiking the day after I broke my butt ;o)

So, training for the triathlon on Easter Monday is more than likely out of the window.  I'll see what the doc says tomorrow about whether I'm allowed to do any weight training (lifting anything more than my own hands and arms and I can feel it in my butt-bone!) or running, never mind cycling.  I'm sure swimming will be allowed, though.

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