Tuesday 23 March 2010

Off to the doc

That 800g was all gone this morning and I'm off to the doctor in a few minutes to get my coccyx looked at and see about some further pain management while it gets on with healing.


  1. Aww thanks!

    I have lots of nice pain killers and a referral to the physio now, so definitely looking up :o)

  2. Great pics, loving the motion blur kitteh and the soup in a bun - that's just awesome!

    can't believe you broke your butt... I nearly did the same on Saturday from not being seated properly on the leg press... was in agony afterwards!

    I hope the prognosis was okay... sounds horribly painful :-( xx

  3. That soup was 25% squirty-cream, 10% mushroom and 55% Campbells' concentrated soup and 10% crutons. Salty and thick as all hell, but ohso welcome after a particularly horrible blue run (I'm a beginner skier and there were -no- green runs in the area!) :o)

    Butt seems to be well on the mend and there is physio follow-up to come. Evolution really needs to get a grip on this vestigial tail thing; it's more trouble than it's worth!