Sunday 7 November 2010

It's all about the vitamins

Feeling under the weather and a bit concerned my fruit and veg has been low the last week or so, I've gone for a recipe from Tone It Up Blog a Warm Flannel Hash, a nice variant on hash browns that involves sweet potatoes and beetroot.  Lots of B vitamins from the beetroot and complex carbs in the sweet potatoes and tons of fibre from both.  Topped with a chicken breast baked with honey and Dijon mustard.  Juicy and really very tasty as dinners go.  Although the hash didn't crisp up very well as it was too thick and not mushed enough in the pan or cooked hot enough it was still really nice.  So pretty and colourful too!


  1. Beetroot fixes *anything*. Like, even broken legs and stuff :D

    Hope you feel better..

  2. Fixes anything -while turning your wee pink- -and- if you eat it every day for a week, like I did a while back, your poop purple! :oD

    Srsly though, beetroot is lovely and I think it's doing the trick with my guts, so thanks for the wishes!