Tuesday 24 May 2011


I'm a cynical, glass half full kind of person by nature but I'm slowly learning to take some things at face value and accept the compliments when they come. Today was almost one of those days when I accept the nice stuff graciously.

There's a newish trainer at the gym near work. First time she met me, she asked if I was an athlete. Instant like for the woman there. Today, she'd not seen me in a few weeks and commented right away on the better definition in my arms at the moment. We had a good old chin-wag about how it was going with my training and how she'd injured herself recently, vaulting bollards in the park, and she asked about what I was training for and whether 'they' were paying me for my race on Monday. I giggled a bit and she sort of worked it out and asked "so what is your job?" and was gobsmacked when I said "I'm an IT Director. I sit on my arse all day, which is why I work my arse hard here." I think she's a genuine person and honestly was surprised that I'm a nerd, not an athlete.

Sometimes it's nice to get validation like that from a professional, even if they're not a hardened veteran like Geoff-the-awesome. Makes me feel good! :o)

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