Monday 30 May 2011


PBed every. Single. Discipline.


01:20:26 with a gyppy knee, wind, roadworks and a sub-optimal meal the night before.   00:04:11 and 5.2% overall faster than my fastest TTT, 2.2% faster than my fastest swim, 2.4% faster than my fastest bike, 1.2% faster than my fastest run.  An overall improvement of 00:14:36 (18.2%) on my first one, 00:08:46 in the swim (28.2%), 00:08:46 in the bike (20.6%), 00:03:03 (10.6%) in the run.

You can clearly see where the HRM didn't work at the start of the swim (always happens); T1 (the dip shortly after 15 minutes); the non-compete zone (the gap between the end of the bike course and T2) and T2 (around the 52 minute mark) and the fact that I took it relatively easy in the run (my heart rate was -lower- than during the cycle) and turned up the heat twice (once around 1hr 7, and again at 1hr 17ish), then a sprint finish (the tiny squeak of a peak near the end) before forgetting to stop my watch for a little bit after the finish.

Very very pleased.


  1. That is totally brilliant :D And you should be very very VERY pleased indeed!!

  2. Wow, congrats!! I'm so pleased for you -- I know you really wanted to finish this third one. And to PB on top of that is amazing! Injury? What injury ;-)

  3. Congratulations! Even though I'm not entirely sure what it all means ...!

  4. Thanks guys. It was a real psychological Thing and I'm sure lots of people that I passed in the last 3km of the race thought I was a total nutter as I spent most of it saying "no, no, no!" as I was telling my knee not to totally give way ;o)