Wednesday 18 May 2011

Has it really been a week?

Time is doing Strange Things at the moment.  I can't believe it's a week since I last posted.  There's work and training and even my watch is telling me "Take a recovery week!" now.  8 days straight of exercise with no rest days kinda just happened.  And there's sort of a reason for it.

I blame Paul.  He put the idea there.  He'll know what I mean and I'm not ready to really talk about it yet.  But I've bought and read a lot of books and there are still a few left to read in the pile.  And there's some more talking and thinking to do, but I'm pretty much decided.  Thing is, when I've decided on something it's really kinda hard to not think about it and it colours almost everything I do.  And it meant that I was distracted from scheduling training properly and I "forgot" about recovery.  It meant I got quite tired as I went from very little cardio to a buttload of it without ramping it up properly.

I'm going to re-brand my blog when the time is right.  I finally have a new name that I think will fit nicely - it's taken a while and it finally came to me this evening.  I need to find a better layout so I can categorise the various aspects of the blog a bit better than it is at the moment, so if anyone has any helpful hints on that with Blogger templates it'd be handy to have a chat.


  1. Hi,

    Blogger is a bit of a bother but changing platform is too involved. I will be looking at tweaking mine too so will let you know

  2. Brave to rebrand (from a technical point of view that is) I'v gone basic and haven;t looked at more intricate things - that would require FAR too much brain power and possibly tears so I'm staying away from it for now. I do hear what you are saying though to categorise things, I don;t even put tag labels on my posts!!!

  3. I didn't do it - well, perhaps I fanned a flame that was already there? I'm off to Wales this weekend for the Open Adventure 5+. Might not return!

  4. Paul: you -so- did!

    BabyWilt: I only started tagging recently... whcih turns out to have been handy as it helps short-cut some category work :o)

    Solange: exactly my thoughts. I know Wordpress has some really nice templates, but moving would be a total nightmare!