Tuesday 10 May 2011

Gym wilderness

Since I got my latest personal trainer (Geoff the Awesome), I've been in a bit of a resistence training wilderness.  When we do training sessions, he gets me doing stuff that I can sometimes do by myself, but quite often not; either because I don't have the equipment available (like the Bulgarian Bags) or because I need a spotter or more learning of the technique (like the handstands I did the other week - yes, me, handstands!  I've never done one in my life until recently.)  That, along with the need to work on my inner quads and glutes at the moment means I'm, for want of a better phrase, "making it up" somewhat in the gym.

Today's fun was:-

  • 5 minutes on the x-trainer to warm up
  • bulgarian split-squats: 3x10x2 (with 2x 14kg dumbbells
  • kettlebell swings - 3x15 (with a 20kg kettlebell)
  • standing side-crunches - 3x10x2 (with a 20kg kettlebell)
  • jerks - 3x10 (with the Olympic Bar with 2x 5kg)
  • standing on an upturned bosu (squishy side down) - 3x10 squats, 3x10 alternate toe-touches
  • assisted pull-ups - 2x8 wide overhand, 2x8 narrow underhand, 2x8 ring-style, 2x8 dips (no rest between grip changes, 35kg assist)
  • swiss-ball bridges and hamstring curls - 3x15 curls with 30s hold at the start of each set
  • plyometric cleans - 20 with a bare Olympic Bar
  • cool-down and stretch
Now, I have no idea if that's well-balanced enough or not.  What do people think?

Also, today I commuted to work on my fixed-up commuter bike for the first time since I got knocked off.  Tell you what, I've improved in power/cadence/other technical stuff while I've been away from bicycle commuting.


  1. Hi TOTKat, I'm glad I found you and your inspiring blog. I've no idea whether that's a balanced workout or not but it sounds pretty challenging to me.

  2. I can offer no practical advice as I have to google so many of the terms to see what they are!

    What I can say though is that I used to have a PT and, even now some 2 years later, I can still hear his voice in my ear when I'm working out at the gym "go on Trace, you can do it, one more rep, just one more...." and I find I can push myself just that little bit harder :)