Saturday 4 June 2011

Lickle swim

It's the Blenheim Triathlon for us tomorrow and I'd sort of decided after last Monday's race and the state of my knee that I really wouldn't race tomorrow, buuuut... well, you see I've already done the Thames Turbo course a few times and it's not a "normal" one with the whole pool swim and 7 minute non-compete time at the end of the bike course.  The lack of wet-suit makes for a fast race, what with not having to fight out of the wretched thing at the end of the swim.  So, I figured that I really should at least start tomorrow to get a feel for a different course, and one in open water with wet-suits being compulsory.

So we trundled to Tooting Lido for a test run of the wet-suits as the last time I'd used mine was the Nokia Thames Swim last year and there was some concern around fit, comfort and being able to get it off easily and over a watch without hurting myself, the wet-suit or the watch.  Mr TOTKat hadn't used his wet-suit since the open water training much earlier in the year last year, so was even more keen to test it out before tomorrow.

The water was a bit nippy, but clear as lead crystal glass and the wet-suits made it oh-so-easy in the 100 yard pool.  We were both comfortable and pretty happy with the short swim we did and had no trouble getting wet-suits off afterwards.  All in all a successful trip.

I will start the race tomorrow and take it as it comes.  There are plenty of opportunities in the run course to pull up early and not finish, so if my knee gives up it's not going to be an issue.  Plus, I have an appointment with the doctor on Tuesday to get me a referral to a sports physiotherapist to start getting that knee sorted out a bit better - maybe some ultrasound treatment or something, we'll see.

Report on the race, no matter how disappointing, tomorrow.  Wish us luck, it's another early start to get out to Blenheim.


  1. Hope the tri has gone well. Good news on the going forwards to the doctor with you knee.

  2. Oh, I'm too late to wish you luck, but I hope it went well! Looking forward to the report