Thursday 16 June 2011


Tonight was my first real test of my knee.  I cycled in to work this morning, then cycled home and straight out for a run - T2 brick session.  OK, so it's not my race bike or my race bike setup and the cycling is quite stop-start (15km each way nonetheless) and I only did 20 minutes running afterwards (under-fuelled to do much else really).  But still.  My knee was totally fine.  Not a twinge.  Nuffin.  :o)

Next event is London to Brighton on Sunday.  Should be fun!


  1. Great news with no pain, its all getting better YAY.
    If I forget I'm going to jump in early, have a great ride Sunday xx

  2. Great news, great that it seems to be settling down! Fingers crossed it stays that way...

  3. It's great it's not stopping you from keeping up with the workouts and racing. I guess you just have to figure out exactly what the trigger is. Hope Sunday goes well :)