Monday 6 June 2011

Really rather pleased

I now have my splits vs. category and a whole bunch of other stats...

Category Rank Percentiles (Female 35-39):-
Swim -  92.35%
T1 - 92.35%
Bike - 85.2%
T2 - 41.33% (oops!)
Run - DNF

Gender Rank Percentiles (all competing women):-
Swim - 91.28%
T1 - 90.2%
Bike - 82.66%
T2 - 40.7%
Run - DNF

So yeah.  Rather good at swimming and not toooo shabby at cycling in a very competitive category.  I'd expect my run to be way down compared with swim and bike, but I'll have to wait for next year to find out :o)


  1. Wow, those stats are good! Is there anything in there that you can identify as putting your knee out? Surely not pushing on the swim. I guess it must be the bike, no?

    Hope it's feeling better today anyway. I really like your "take from this what I can" attitude, it's really refreshing to read.

  2. Yeah it is looking rather like the bike aggravates things by tightening up the IT band after really going for it a bit. That's on top of an already over-tight IT band which doesn't get stretched properly etc. (basically, it's pretty much my own fault :o))

    The attitude thing is really weird for me. The old me would have cried and wailed and got all over-worked about it all and felt like a total failure. Noooo idea what's changed or why, but it's a lot more constructive than it has been, for sure.

  3. WOW you killed it!!

    Your attitude is so awesome, btw!!