Tuesday 7 June 2011


I have a referral and an appointment at silly o'clock tomorrow morning.  In the words of my doctor, this physio practice is "old school" and focusses on treatment that will get me back running faster.  The treatment will be painful as all heck, but very effective.  The toss-up was between this or a longer, more drawn-out type of treatment with more focus on the long-term stuff.  I figure that I'll go for the short-term effective treatment and get a second referral for the extended, long-term work later on.  Both.  Not either.

The short of it is that the doctor thinks is is fairly acute IT band syndrome, exacerbated by going so hard on the bike before running each triathlon, thus tightening them right up at the time.  He was almost shocked to hear that the pain comes on so quickly into the runs, which was almost a relief to see.

We'll see what tomorrow morning's assessment brings.


  1. Good news, now for the yells - YEIKS!

  2. Good luck with the treatment. See you Saturday.

  3. Yay for the quick referral, here's hoping you can get fixed quickly and not too excruciatingly!

    Hope you don't scream *too* loudly!!!

  4. Uhm, I can't believe your doctor gave you a CHOICE of physio! Are you private?

  5. No screaming at all - in fact when the physio did some deep tissue massage on my IT bands I ended up in fits of giggles 'cause it was so tickly!

    Alison: the doctor is NHS for the referral, but I do have private healthcare through work. The doctor wanted to give me a choice on whether to go for a quick (and potentially very painful) fix, or take a longer term view. I like that doctor :o)